It's Over Nine-Thousand!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon Ball Doragon Boru is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. With the ending of Dragon Ball, Toei Animation quickly released a second anime television series, Dragon Ball Z Doragon Boru Zetto, (commonly abbreviated DBZ). Picking up where the first left off, Dragon Ball Z is adapted from the final twenty-six volumes of the manga series. It premiered in Japan on April 26, 1989 and ran for 291 episodes until January 31, 1996.

In the original Japanese dub of the series, and in both the Japanese and English language mangas, Vegeta states that Goku's level is actually "over 8000." This can be seen in this scan from the manga.

Original manga scan.

On October 17th, 2006, 4Channer and Youtube user Kajetokun uploaded the video "9000!! NINE THOUSAAAAANDD!" Today, the video has over five million views.

Modern Usage

The phrase adopted from Dragon Ball Z is now used in place of saying "Like a million!" or "Tons!" when talking about a relatively large amount.

Example dialogue:

Herp: How many people were at the dorm room party last night?


The original "9000" video quickly drew attention from DBZ fans, and inspired remix videos right from the start. The meme quickly spread to YTMND within days.

On YTMND, there had already been a HAL9000 fad, centered around the computer from the famous Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey. But on December 24th, 2006, YTMNDer CyrisMustang created "How much will the PS4 retail for?"

YTMND's surrounding both HAL9000 and "Over 9000" were created through 2007, but by 2008 nearly all YTMND's containing the number 9000 were in reference to the famous DBZ line.

Furthermore, overall Google searches for the obscure "Over 9000" DBZ reference also surpassed all searches for the wellknown "HAL9000" from Kubrick's film.

4Chan trolls Oprah

Over 9000 struck a chord with 4Chan early on, but in September of 2008, one particular Anonymous troll left a message on Oprah Winfrey's message board, claiming to represent an organized network of pedophiles. Oprah took the bait, and read the post to her audience. Considering the power and influence that Oprah has, this was viewed by many Anons as an "Epic Win." Oprah had fallen for it, and was very disturbed.

The original video of Oprah's message to her audience was quickly removed due to a copyright claim by Harpo, Inc. Despite that fact, many "Oprah 9000" remix videos followed. These videos can be viewed on Youtube because they are legally protected.